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Generally, cannabis can be grouped into two major classes which are the indica strain and sativa strain with each having its unique features.  In this write up we will be examining the two categories and what makes one different from the other likewise why you should prefer one over the other. Are curious to find out? Then read on!  Let me establish here that both are two discrete classes of cannabis, but they both came from the same family! Both indica and sativa possess unique growing features, highs and medicinal results. Having a better understanding of the two disparities can make all the difference for those who are applying them for medical purposes especially when choosing one strain over the...

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YES! I stated in most of my post that the use of medicinal marijuana has gone beyond the way the world is looking at it because the majority of these cannabis concentrates have a lot of health benefits that our body can benefit from especially if you love marijuana like your girlfriend! Here us this article we will be looking at ways by which dabs can be of significant benefits to the sportsmen and women. Now, back to my initial question, you can dab and at the same time go for your workout at the gym as a sports person or someone who loves to keep fit.  Takings dabs have a lot of great advantages to your sporting and fitness...

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DABS AND MARIJUANA VERSUS ALCOHOL, WHICH ONE IS SAFER AND BETTER According to several reports by many publications and websites, dabs and marijuana have been found to 101% safer than drinking liquor.  As reported by the giant newspapers companies; The Independent and The Daily Mail, study have shown that dabbing and cannabis have been found to be 114 times safer than alcohol,  cocaine, tobacco, and heroin.  With reference to another research conducted by two authors (Jürgen Rehm and Authors Dirk), the report which was published in the Scientific Reports. A term called MOE (Margin of Exposure) as used to calculate the between a lethal dose of a drug and a typical dose that a person takes daily of 10 substances....

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Why Dabs With A Portable E-nail Get You Higher Then Weed

It is no longer news that dabbing is the new trending while flower smoking is gradually becoming obsolete day-by-day. Meanwhile, it is very crucial to know what differentiates one from other to go for the healthier option.  If you are a habitual user of medicinal marijuana or cannabis, you will have a favorite between the two, i.e., dabs and flower.  Putting your preference aside, the best thing is to know which is healthier for you between the two rather than focusing on your choice! We are going to be highlighting the points below from which we'll later drop our conclusion and give you our professional recommendations and advice; the rest is left for you!     The word dabbing is the...

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Portable E-Nail: The Healthiest Ways of Dabbing

A portable e-nail is the best way for dabbing. This electric dab rig gives room for extremely high fill-ins and clear-cut regulator compared to dab pens. Although the size, cost, and complication of earlier e-nails intimidated expert dabbers new portable e-nails comes in smaller sizes, user-friendly and pocket-friendly versions. Some of the factors responsible for its reputation is the use of innovative components like potent batteries, nails made from either ceramic, titanium or quartz.  Impending Advantages of Dabbing Healing Marijuana Dabbing has proven to be of more considerable advantages to the health of those who love it and some of the points before are responsible for that; •    It’s first of all pure, and it also gives an extra...

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