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DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DABS, OIL, AND SHATTER: (Besides the fact that all of them work wonders with the MrDabGuy e-Rig!)

One of the significant things that are responsible for the popularity and availability of marijuana in a different form today is its legalization across several states in the US. Because of this legal approval in majority states in the USA, the plant has been widely available in the form of famous concentrates like hash, oil, and wax. Meanwhile there a need for us to know the differences between each of these form of marijuana plant so that we can make better use of them.

The current trend in the cannabis industry is called marijuana concentrates. As the name implies, marijuana concentrates is an all-inclusive term for extracts gotten from the cannabis plant. All cannabis concentrates can come in a range of unique forms and consistencies.  Different slang names can be used to describe concentrates including dabs, oil shatter, wax, errl, or, live resin. We will be looking at three of these forms of marijuana concentrates momentarily.   

Dabs can be defined as marijuana products that are taken out marijuana plant and refined into oil that can be easily dabbed using a portable dab rig or any other e-nails. Dabs are thick, gummy, brownish-green, and resemble candle wax spilled into a paper piece and allowed to dry. Dabs can as well be defined as doses of concentrated cannabis that are produced from the extraction of  THC and other cannabinoids with the aid of a solvent (e.g., CO2, propane or butane) resulting in pasty oils that are commonly called shatter, wax, Butane Hash Oil ( BHO)and budder.          

Typically, CBD oil is CBD oil generally is mined out of resin glands present in marijuana sprouts and florae. Aside from cannabis, CBD oil can also be extracted industrially from hemp which is also a fibrous form of cannabis with small shoots and tetrahydrocannabinol popularly called THC. The extracted CBD oil is typically mixed with other types of oil like MCT oil. 

Shatter is commonly used to describe the type of marijuana concentrates that resemble honey with variable transparency degrees and colour appearances. When this concentrate is warm, it looks like thick honey when it is cold; it resembles glass in appearance.  The name ‘shatter’ comes from the that the glassy concentrates shatters whenever it is dropped or tapped.          

In conclusion, it has been established that cannabis has different names and features and the best way to enjoy these concentrates is by dabbing them. It is of a truth that there are several dag rigs in the market today, but the best among all of them is the only portable e-nail. To request for our battery powered dab rig today, click here now!