Generally, cannabis can be grouped into two major classes which are the indica strain and sativa strain with each having its unique features.  In this write up we will be examining the two categories and what makes one different from the other likewise why you should prefer one over the other. Are curious to find out? Then read on!

 Let me establish here that both are two discrete classes of cannabis, but they both came from the same family! Both indica and sativa possess unique growing features, highs and medicinal results. Having a better understanding of the two disparities can make all the difference for those who are applying them for medical purposes especially when choosing one strain over the other. Moreover, the two can be dabbed using an electric dab rig.

Differences Based On Their Chemical Composition

When it comes to chemical composition, both indica and sativa strains have their different cannabinoid contents. Sativa strains are typically characterized with a high THC content and low CBD content while indica strains, on the other hand, tend to possess lower THC content and slightly higher CBD content. With the aid of breeding, you can find indica and sativa strains with breeding, both indica and sativa strains can be found with variable THC/CBD ratio of cannabinoid concentrations. Generally, sativa strains effect can be described as a stirring and robust head high but its counterpart, indicas tend to yield a more body-centred, drugged outcome.

Differences Based On Their Traits

Sativa Qualities

Inspires creative thinking

Revitalizing & Uplifting

Encourages a sense of health

Decreases nausea

Fuels the appetite

Dismisses depression

Get rid of migraines and headaches


Indica Qualities

Calming & Laidback

Reduces nervousness & stress

Relieves pain and throbbing

Helps sleep

Lessens inflammation

Excites the appetite

Aids alleviation of tremors and seizures

Differences Based On Growth Features 

Sativa strains tend to grow tall towering up to 3 meters, (and sometimes up to 5m when grown outdoors.)  they are also long and thin while also growing quite into a bush if left untrimmed. Due to the more extended flowering period of sativa strains, they are best suited for outdoor cultivation.

Indica cannabis strains, on the other hand, tend to be shorter and hairy in physique. They have fat and dark green leaves which are a result more significant amount of chlorophyll present in them. Indicas also produce weighty and scented buds, with a yield that is habitually greater than sativa. They also use to have a shorter flowering time than sativas, which is why they are often preferred for indoor cultivation.

On a final note, therapeutic cannabis can be used in treating a treat a wide variety of common health conditions. Generally, medicinal marijuana gives its users a sense of superior physical and mental easing, pain relief, improved appetite, and healthier sleep. Nevertheless, understanding the differences between these the two cannabis species is very important in prescribing the right strain for each patient.

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