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How to make the most of your dabs: Battery powered dab rig or plug-in e-nails?

With the recent boom in the medicinal marijuana industry, extracts are continually becoming favorite ways of supplying strong dosage of cannabis without an adverse effect associated with it. To efficiently vaporize this medicinal cannabis extract, you need an e-nail.

An e-nail is a device that is used to vaporize medicinal cannabis extracts. An e-nail is also used to generate high heat or to help you set the temperature required to heat the cannabis extracts.

Different types of e-nail are available in the market today. Some of these e-nail are quite expensive and do not last long. However, the two best e-nail we will be discussing here are -

  • The battery-powered dab rig and
  • The plug-in e-nail kits

The Battery powered dab rig - One of the best e-nail to purchase, this portable e-nail is the future of the next generation electronic aromatherapy. Even though battery powered e-nail is available at a cheaper price, it provides the accurate heat as well as the best quality dabs.

This dab rig is perfect for both – the people who are new to the dab game and for those who are experienced. The battery-powered dab rig is made to use for vaping waxy concentrates anywhere you go.  With this e-nail, you can say goodbye to other cumbersome and heavy e-nails that cost a ton.

All you have to do is to load up your favorite essential oil and lose yourself in the comfort of aromatherapy. The battery-powered dab rig comes with 3 interchangeable nails - ceramic, quartz, and titanium to fit your need. It makes use of glass-water filtration system to reproduce the experience entirely.

Features of Battery powered dab rig:

  • G9 h-enail 3.0 and henail are easily portable because of small size.
  • Experience the same quality heat as plug-in e-nail but at an affordable price.
  • Gives premium quality dabs.
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by beginners as well as experts.


Plug-in e-nail kits: Used to enjoy herbal concentrates, the plug-in e-nail kit is heavy to use and quite expensive.

The e-nail works by enhancing your experience and allows you to control the temperature you use. It removes butane residue which is caused by heating with touches. It has been proved to be dangerous for use.

Plug-in kits are made for people who are tired of burning themselves with sources and running out of gas when they need it. The plug-in e-nail has a controller that will heat the room to 710°F within 3-4 minutes for room temperature.

Features of plug-in kits:

  • Provide more heat and power.
  • Meant for experts only, they are expensive and hazardous in use.
  • Can’t be portable or on-the-go device because of their heavy weight.


In conclusion, if you need a portable e-nail, that would last for a long time and also serve all the needs you require, we recommend you purchase a Battery powered dab rig to enjoy aromatherapy. 

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