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How to Make Your Rosin/Wax to Use for Dabbing

Making your rosin for dabbing is easy, safe and straightforward.

However, there is lots of confusion about rosins; people tend to doubt its potency, yield, stability, and flavor. To address these concerns, it is vital to give an explanation of what rosin is.

Rosin is a non-solvent cannabis concentrate that can be made using pressure and heat to extract essential oils from the bud, flower or hash and can be enjoyed using g9 henail which is a battery powered dab rig.

Rosin is the latest innovation in the cannabis industry which is used in making highly concentrated marijuana extracts called “dabs.” This is done by applying pressure and regulated heat to the bud of marijuana using a regular rosin press. It can be enjoyed using an electric dab rig.

The exciting aspect of Rosin technique is that it is inexpensive, safe and can be completed in few minutes by using common household tools.

All you require are some tools readily available at your home to extract hash oil that can compete favorably with hydrocarbon extraction methods in potency, flavor, and effectiveness.


Ingredients needed to make Rosin Dabs at Home


  • Hair straightener/flat Iron (broader plates allows more surface space for pressing)
  • Press, bar clamp, vice, etc. (optional)
  • Parchment paper (unbleached, if possible)
  • Starting materials (it can be cannabis flowers, bubble hash, or kief)

Caution: Ensure you exercise caution when using the hair straightener. It is advisable to use heat resistant gloves as a safety measure in order to not get burnt.


Easy Steps for Making Rosin


STEP 1: Plug in your iron/hair straightener, turn it on and regulate it to the temperature ranging between (280-330F), cut a piece of small 4x4” parchment paper.

Remember, the area of the parchment paper should not be more than the area of your pressing surface. Now fold the parchment paper in half and place your starting material in between the half-folded paper before a gentle preliminary finger press.

STEP 2: Remove all visible stems and carefully place the bud into your half-folded sheet of parchment paper. Make a firm pressure for about 3-7 seconds using the hot hair straightener or pressing iron.

It is better to place the hair straightener on the ground when pressing. You will need to hear a sizzle before removing the pressure; this shows that the rosin has melted from the plant material.

Perhaps the temperature settings on your pressing iron do not get as low as 280F; you may just select the lowest temperature. To deal with higher temperature settings, unplug the iron just before pressing. We also encourage you to feel free to play with the temperature settings because it can enhance the yield, color, and flavor.

STEP 3: Now, remove your sample from the hot hair straightener/iron and unfold your parchment paper. At this point, you need to be careful and patient because this is a sticky process.

Pluck away the flattened nug, then take your collection tool or dabber. Collect the rosin by gently rubbing the dabber back and forth across the parchment paper. Use different clean sheets of parchment paper and collect your sample for larger batches.

STEP 4: The last step is optional; you may have to remove all visible plant material and fold the finished product. Then use a clean device to remove any plant material remaining.  This could be a stable material to work with after you have placed it on a cold surface for a few seconds.

Finally, if you can achieve a nice process for making rosin by using an inexpensive press that can be purchased online, then you can also make use of the g9 henail to take high-quality dabs instead of wasting your money smoking flower.

Making your own rosin/wax will allow you to reap the benefits of using the g9 henail which is an electric dab rig for taking dabs.

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