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Why Dabs With A Portable E-nail Get You Higher Then Weed

It is no longer news that dabbing is the new trending while flower smoking is gradually becoming obsolete day-by-day. Meanwhile, it is very crucial to know what differentiates one from other to go for the healthier option.  If you are a habitual user of medicinal marijuana or cannabis, you will have a favorite between the two, i.e., dabs and flower.  Putting your preference aside, the best thing is to know which is healthier for you between the two rather than focusing on your choice! We are going to be highlighting the points below from which we'll later drop our conclusion and give you our professional recommendations and advice; the rest is left for you!  
The word dabbing is the latest trend in the cannabis world. Some words are synonymous with concentrates of dab namely wax, shatter, oil and crumble. These concentrates are extracted out of flower, and they can be consumed in some ways. You can either make use of your personally created rig (if you plan consuming it often) or employ the use of a dab pen which is a replica of a vape. Another way of consuming concentrates is by adding some flower in a bowl before smoking to have additional cannabinoid flavor.
Dabs are sturdier than flowers. Dabbing a concentrate is entirely different from smoking a joint. Concentrates contain more than 80% of THC while flower, on the other hand, contains less. If you intend to get immediately get high, go for dabs. Meanwhile, you have you have refreshed options each time you want to smoke flowers because of better ways of cultivating and exploring flowers that allows you to cross-breeds.  
If you want to get high, try smoking highly concentrated flowers via pipes but dabbing has been found to be the hit because it can be done discreetly thereby helping you to bud longer, and smoke-less.
Dabs aren’t meant for everybody and flower isn’t either.  With a new variant of THC developing on a daily basis with new consummation methods, there will always be better options than to consume them alone!
Dabs and flower are two different things when it comes to cannabis. When it comes to strength Dabs is the champion while flower follows closely behind.
Unlike smoking flowers, dabbing of wax or oil also does not have the downside of stinky, skunk odors that loiter around the neighborhoods and households.
Dabbing high concentrates has also been proven to be a game changer for treating severe arthritis or back pain. Dabbing high concentrates of CBD strain has also shown to be capable of curing some particular types of cancers.   
Now, here is our conclusion, the choice is always yours and yours only! But it will be somewhat healthy to keep yourself high over an extended period using g9 h-enail 3.0 is the best thing to do than smoking flowers! To know more about dabbing with a battery powered dab rig, click here.