Why is dabbing concentrates better than smoking flowers? – Mr. Dab Guy

Why is dabbing concentrates better than smoking flowers?

In recent times, most people who are frequent users of cannabis are switching from smoking flowers to dabbing concentrates. Dabbing concentrates have become quite popular even though a lot of people feel intimidated by it. There are a lot of reasons for the same but mainly because they find it difficult to adjust to dab concentrates. 

However, concentrates are far better than smoking flower especially when you make use of the g9 henail, which is a portable e-nail kit for dabbing.

Dabbing is a new trend in the cannabis community. Dabbing concentrates are also referred to as crumble, wax or shatter. The concentrates are usually extracted from flowers, and they can be consumed in different ways.

Some people choose to make use of the rigs, or the dab pen which looks like vape while others make use of the flower. However, the best way to enjoy your dabbing experience is with the use of the g9 henail, which is an electric dab rig for dabbing.

Dabs are not made for everybody; they are perfect for people who want to get high immediately as they are highly intense. Dabs are preferred because they are stronger than flowers.

Dabs are made up of up to 80+ percent of THC, whereas flower is made up of 30-50 THC or less. Cannabis users who have made use of the g9 henail when dabbing agree that dabs are quite better than the flowers.

Here are some benefits why you must choose dab concentrates than smoking flowers.

  • Dab concentrates are more potent:  The use of dab concentrates is highly efficient and potent especially when you make use of a g9 henail. Although this depends mainly on the individual constitution and strain. If you can consume more concentrate faster than you can smoke it.

A concentrate has up to 50 to 80 percent THC though some exceptional extracts can be higher than 90%.


  • Medical Therapy: Dabbing is also beneficial to medical patients because it allows patients to inhale cannabinoid-loaded vapors and get quick relief from any medical symptoms they are suffering from.

Also, when you make use of the g9 henail which is a portable e-nail kit for dabbing, you find out that the dab concentrates are healthier for the lung because the user inhales less smoke.


  • Provide pure flavor - One excellent thing about dab concentrates is that it provides an intense and pure flavor that is unaffected by burning material. That means you enjoy a cleaner substance while dabbing.


  • Discretion: Because the dab concentrates do not bring out smokes, this makes the dabbing aroma not to linger for a long time after dabbing with a g9 henail. Also, the smell does not cling to your cloth.


  • Concentrates can be used differently – You can choose the way you administer your dab concentrate. You can either choose to smoke it, vaporize it, or roll it. You can also choose to make use of the g9 henail which is an electric dab rig.



Overall, dabbing has become very popular in recent time because cannabis users have discovered its benefits over flowers. In a debate of dabs vs. flowers, choosing one is difficult as they are both poles apart. But if you want to try something stronger, dabs are the clear winner!

To enjoy your dabbing experience, make use of the g9 henail which is the best and portable e-nail kit for dabbing.

Enjoy your dabbing experience!

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