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Why is the G9 H-Enail 3.0 Your Best Rig For Dabbing In 2017

What you Need to Know about G9 H-Enail 3 .0
An e-nail is a digital concentrate vaporizer similar to a conventional dab rig, most e-nails are attached to a regular vape mod or water pipe, while many are separate units as found as "plug-in wall', e-nails can also be divided into desktop and portable models. The G9 H-enail 3.0 on mr.dabguy.com is a portable battery powered dab rig. Its safest, "nice to hold", and provides the same quality heat to a nail as a torch does. 
E-nail rigs, also known as e-rigs, are rapidly becoming the most preferred daily driver for dabbing within the concentrate population. Until their introduction in the market recently, regular dab rigs require a torch to warm up the nail before it makes contact with the concentrates. Apart from obvious safety issues, using a conventional dab rig required a certain level of expertise and experience in order to achieve the great dab.
An excessive amount of heat could actually combust your concentrates, whereas insufficient heat won’t evenly vaporize the whole thing completely, leaving behind a messy nail to clean up. Electric dab nails solve this challenge and provide some welcome relief from the sizzling hits associated with butane torches. They might also help reduce harm to the lungs.
If you are looking to buy a new kit for dabbing, iG9 H-Enail 3 .0 is the most excellent e-rig kit that is available on the market, and for a fair price that won't break your pocket. And this will last you will last for a long time, unlike several wax pens that would break in a week or two. We’ve come a long way in technological innovation, and dab rigs with electronically-controlled heating elements provide protection, convenience and temperature control that open-flame torches lack. Nonetheless, electronic rigs tend to be usually cumbersome and often boxy. My favorite treat to myself lately is G9 H-Enail 3 .0, which is comically unpotable.
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